How To Start a Computer Business in Kenya

Owning a computer repair business gives you the opportunity to work in many different businesses, including hospitals, stores, schools, law firms, and even homes. The work performed at these sites can range from replacing hardware, upgrading software, virus cleanup and protection, networking issues and much more. 

Computer Repair Business Consideration 

There are several things to consider before starting. First, consider whether to start this business inside your home or in a shop. The benefits to starting inside your home are low overhead and no rent. Also, consider whether you plan to make house calls or only work from your shop. You may decide to specialize in certain programs or operating systems, such as Linux or Windows.  

Tasks and Skills Needed:

Marketing, advertising, networking, sales
People skills: dealing with employees, customers, vendors, etc.
Staying current with business matters such as licenses, insurance, and permits
Website maintenance and marketing
Money management
Using a variety of diagnostic tools
Cleaning of computers
Software installation
Ordering of components
Creating and submitting bids
Scheduling of repairs
Pickup and drop-off of computers
Soldering parts
Building custom computers
Working with parts suppliers
Data backup
Staying current with advances in computers

Approximate Daily Hours Needed:

General Hours of Operation - Many companies operate within normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but this can vary.

Hours Needed to Prepare - Plan to spend about an hour to load equipment or get ready to open your shop. At the end of the day, plan on closer to two hours to clean equipment and finish paperwork.

Employees Needed to Run This Business:

During the start up phase, you can run this business single-handedly. Once your business is up and running successfully, you may need to hire the following:
On-site repair people
Off-site repair people
Receptionist/office assistant

Skill Requirements for This Business:

Ability to repair a variety of computer types
Knowledge of both hardware and software
Experience working with electrical components
Knowledge of different operating systems
Computer programming
Ability to diagnose and repair various types of computer hardware and software as well as fixing network issues
Strong problem-solving, organizational, analytical and multi-tasking skills
The ability to interact with clients in a positive and professional manner
High level of computer literacy
High level of patience for working precisely with small parts
Approximate Minimum Startup Cost: 
Entrepreneur Magazine estimates that startup costs for a computer repair business can range between $200 USD and 1,000 USD; however, if you already have an updated computer and laptop, and basic equipment, these expenses may be less.
Necessary Equipment to Run This Business:
Necessary Startup Equipment and Supplies:
Diagnostic tools and testers
Laptop computer
Briefcase or carrying case
Cell phone
Reliable transportation
Gloves and tools (grounding)
Small precision screwdriver set
Hand tools (wire strippers, solder gun, etc.)
Different types of cables (USB, audio/video, etc.)
Dust removers for equipment

Monthly Expenses to Consider:

Supplies (new cables, hard drives, etc.)

Special Requirements for This Business:

You may decide to obtain additional certification for hardware and software (IT)

Pros and Cons:

The Pros of Running a Computer Repair Business:
Minimal startup investments
Large need for this service
High profit margins are available
This business is completely expandable

The Cons of Running a Computer Repair Business:

Customers can be impatient and demanding
You may be held responsible for lost data
You may be on call at odd hours

Type of Customers You Need to Attract:

As technology continues to advance, more and more homes and business have computers and networks. Clients can include businesses such as hospitals, retail stores, law firms, government agencies, and home computers.


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