7 Lucrative Small Scale businesses in Kenya you can Start with Small Capital

There are so many business opportunities in Kenya that one can do successfully. Many people are poor not because there are no opportunities but because of their inability to recognize the opportunities and utilize them. The meaning of poor is “passing over opportunity repeated” and that is the problem of most people. They pass over opportunities repeatedly without making use of them and that is the reason why they remain poor.

If you have been looking for a small business opportunity in Kenya you can venture into, here is a list of some small scale business ideas that can give you the needed financial freedom, if properly utilized. These small business ideas are meant for everyone whether employed, underemployed or unemployed, as most of the business opportunities can be started with as low as 10,000 shillings. So without wasting your time, these are the 7 lucrative small scale business ideas in Kenya you can start immediately:

1. Tutoring Services: These services can take various forms, it could be home based where the person will need to be visiting and he or she will be paid based on the agreement between the two parties. He can have more than a place depending on his ability. But the second form is the most preferable for entrepreneur like us who want to rake in a lot of money. In this case, you will get a tutorial centre at a good location and employ some people that will join you in the work. Getting a good centre may be a challenge but if you do your search diligently you will surely get a good one. You can start from your home if you have enough space or consult various school principal to allow you use their school.

2. Training Center: This is another wonderful business idea you can start with small money. This could be a professional training center or a skill acquisition training center.  If you are the type with special talent or have some professional skills, you can go ahead and establish a training center  register it and adopts various marketing strategies to get people and in no time at all you will be bringing in a lot of cash. This business has a lot of potentials to succeed because people of this country are now shifting their attention to skill acquisition because of lack of job, so that they can stand on their own.

3. Sales of Phones and Accessories: you might want to look on this business with the excuse that a lot of people are doing it but I tell you people are really making it in this business and this business potential has not been fully tapped. A lot of people in this Kenya have passion for technology and they are ready to spend money particularly on phones. What you need to succeed in this business is correct information on where to get quality phones and at cheaper prices. It is advisable you consult a person you trust, who has been in the business to guide you. If he is honest with you he will tell you where you can get these products at cheaper prices and most of these products can be bought from wholesale shops in Nairobi and other big towns across the country but you must have the right information before you go into these markets to buy. 

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4. Outdoor Catering Service: The demand for food will continue to be on increase in this country due to our large population which keeps on increasing day in day out. This business has a lot of potentials to be successful because no matter the condition of a man’s pocket, he must eat. Food business varies widely but I’m limiting it to outdoor catering service. If you have the necessary experience in this aspect of business, I will encourage you to start and make sure you make your own as unique as possible and the sky will be the limit.

5. Seminar: this is similar to training services but quite different because in this case you don’t need a training center.  Not all people like to sit down and read, even if they like some do not have the time, and yet they need to be furnished with the right information that will solve their day today problems. This is where a smart entrepreneur should come in and take advantage of these categories of people by organizing seminar. It may not necessarily be you that will give the seminar talk, you can invite a resource person to do that but if you can anchor it yourself you can go ahead. When doing this ensure you charge moderate amount of money and add value to the lives of the attendees that they will want to come when next you organize such a seminar. In other word deliver what you promise. Create enough awareness before the program and you will be surprised at the amount of money you will make from just a seminar.

6. Rental services: This is another evergreen opportunity that can be used by interested entrepreneur. This business is always evergreen because there will always be a ceremony to do especially in this country where we like ceremony and entertainment. The business is highly lucrative, if you want to prove this fact, you can contact those who are already in the business and ask them some questions, if they will be honest with you, because they might not want to reveal their secret, they will tell you that it is very lucrative. The only challenge here is that this business involves relatively large amount of money but you can start small by starting from plastic chairs and tables and hire a vehicle that will help you transport them from your place to the venue of the party.

7. Show room: I must confess to you that this is one of the most lucrative and evergreen business in Kenya and the world all over. This is due to the interest of so many people in the entertainment and sport especially football. One particular thing that makes this business unique is because many people love watching these matches at show room where they will have fun and discuss with their friends. Another thing is that this business can never die as more and more people, men, women, students, young and odd are becoming fans of most popular foreign league clubs. Any interested entrepreneur can tap into this huge business idea, introduce some things that will make your own unique and before you know it, you will be going home with lots of cash.

Those are the small scale business ideas in Kenya that are very lucrative and evergreen and that can be utilized at any point in time. Please if you know any other lucrative business ideas in Kenya that people can start with small capital or you have any question, kindly write in the comment below. See you at the top.


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